Geographic Information Systems- 3D modeling

GIS is a powerful tool to analyse the multiple environmental and terrain variables related to any project and its interaction with the territory. The immense majority of the information managed has a geographic component and can be represented in a map (or 3D model).

Therefore information like protected/restricted zones, wind energy, solar radiation, flooding areas, flow accumulation hazard, etc. can be mapped to become the base information to decide on optimal placement of projects.

It all can be modeled in 3 dimensions to create realistic models of a project. This way we get a real aspect beforehand to show potential problems and the final aspect of the design. Modifications to this model are easy and straightforward saving time and money.

Our experience in this field provide us with the right tools to develop cartographic dossiers and 3D studies of any project that are a invaluable help in the alternatives assessment, decision making and presentation to clients.

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