Environmental Impact Assessment

The environmental factors frequently become the main constraints of a project in terms of its approval in most cases. Therefore the sooner the environmental variables are taken into account the more options arise to guide the project to a success avoiding unnecessary delays and modifications of the original workflow.

We have developed expertise in the assessment of the environmental aspects of a project along its different stages of development. From the pre-operational design phase we help in making the best decisions in coordination with the engineering team minimising the impact over natural resources so that the project is more integrated and more likely to gain approval from the administration.

Also, a global view of the project from its initial phases helps to understand better the impacts it is likely to cause saving time and economic resources when designing the correcting measures for the operational phase.

Every project has its own characteristics and thus a different approach is needed for each. It is very important to make use of the opportunities the local environment offers to tweak the design and get the best results, efficiently and reliably. We believe there is room for creativity in this field.