BladeCleaning® - Cleaning system for wind turbine blades

2007-2009. Enviria Proyectos managed this project from the design stage to the market deployment. Along the way we designed and supervised the laboratory tests, prototyping, field tests and installation.

We are now collaborating with Class Management -the owner of the patent- in the commercial stage. The blade cleaning system is now installed and operating in a wind farm in Zaragoza, Spain.

Dirt accumulates in the leading edge of the blades causing an impact on the aerodynamic behavior of the blade affecting seriously the turbine production.
The advantages of the BladeCleaning system over traditional cleaning methods are:
- It cleans the leading edge of the blade without accessing the turbine nor stopping it.
- No qualified personnel is needed to operate the system.
- No interaction is made with the turbine or the wind farm.
Improvements over 40% in the power curve have been accomplished which means ultimately production improvement: revenue.

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